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Team Dmc Mystic

About Dmc Mystic

Dmc Mystic is a team founded in 2012.
Gent initiator will be a Belgian Deejay named Jean-Michel Paul Félix , Artist, DJ, DMC.
Our team is composed of 7 people, a man and, 6 prodigious women.

Dmc Mystic is also a label that offers 750 music of all types, different languages
750 Music Arranged Our Lead Artist

We represent 6 countries, we are delegation and international team
A special branch of the Ultimate D.M.C. 🌏 International.

Team Leader

Like all team we have through a vote and a nomination elected a president.
In the case of Team D.M.C. Mystic will be a woman president
This person is we all think the most human person of the team.

Our team leader is named Nathalie,
She is our team leader, aged 38 and living in Paris
From our association Nathalie represents France 🇫🇷
Its specialties are finance …

Artist Leader

With 610 music created in less than three years,
the whole team can estimate Jean-Michel as our Artist Leader
This strange and mysterious character is a complete artist, an exelent DJ & D.M.C.

This Artist is 44 years old, lives in the great Charleroi, and represents by our Team the country Belgium 🇧🇪
Its specialties are Modern Alchemy and the ART of Music

Artist & Mode

It is with the most enthusiam that we present our second artist
This 29 year old woman prefers to talk about her through her artist pseudonym
She is born Zenia, a woman from Belgium (Mons), an Italian of pure stock, who lives south of Viaregio Italy.
Zenia from our team represents Italy 🇮🇹
The specialties of our artist her singing and vocal performances for the trance Music.
His other great specialty the high Italian sewing

Artist & Design

Our 3rd Artist,
A 37-year-old woman who is Julie.
For the practical artistic part for years
Jazz bass and deejette has its lost time, for the pleasure

Julie is an active and wandering woman, she currently lives
A love story in New York City where she lives and establishes her home
Julie for our team represents the United States of America 🇺🇸

Julie’s specialty is discovered in the styling and decoration of apartments and houses of all sizes

Media & Press

Our dearest Linita is your media and press member.
Its first activity being the business of Brazil.
Our member represents by our Team the country of Brazil 🇧🇷

Communications & IT specialist

For the Internet and Webmastering we have 2 people involved
Jean-michel our leader Artist, and a person who prefers to remain anonymous,
This Annonymous (more true than nature) represents Quebec and thus Canada 🇨🇦

Team Presidente

Artist leader

Artist & Mode

Artist & design

Media & Press


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