DJ Dmc Mystic – Artist & Bio

It all began in 1986, and the discovery of computer-assisted music and software, electronic music

Creating music with music spreadsheet and music studio software in an era where computers were the dawn of a new generation … 

1986, a golden era, an era rich in new electronic sounds and music produced for some who have become legends of Techno music … 

With an Amiga 500 and scream tracking software, a musical era will guide me in music prized and sought after by DJs and electronic music fans.

For several years I will create music in an undergound way under different artist names and in a production context under x, from the beginning not wishing to fully invest myself in a music career and wishing to have a life. private, a life like everyone else, except an artist, this life so difficult and so reserved for the public.

I show you my sound studio from the beginning, and the use of computers and software to create music

For many years I will create music on superb software, and this anonymously, and not wishing to mention it on my Label, not to mix things up, not to mix my own personal Label, and a musical background supported by pros and always under different loan names
in order to pass anonymous in this world of electronic music, popularity and public

Regarding IT service moderators, it is compulsory not to reveal their function and not to reveal their employer

For music it’s the same …
A contract, a signature, a commitment, all this must be respected, I can only reveal very little

FROM 1988 to 2008 I will collaborate with record companies specializing in the publishing of techno music, electronic music
I would have at least 150 songs distributed under different artist names …
The more that I have the right to say in a legal way and for purposes of respecting the people who have used me and / or used my music

In 2012, everything will change, and this announcement appears on the Ejay fan page …
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