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The Dmc Mystic label has reached an impressive milestone by surpassing 1500 original tracks created and arranged by DJ Dmc Mystic. Since its inception, this label has established itself as a major player in the electronic music scene. With over 80 albums to its name, Dmc Mystic continues to innovate and surprise its fans with unique and captivating compositions.

In addition to its albums, the label offers more than 80 maxi singles of remixed tracks and album extracts, providing a new perspective on the original pieces. These maxi singles allow listeners to rediscover the tracks from a different angle, often with different rhythms and arrangements.

What truly sets the Dmc Mystic label apart is its musical diversity. With over 90 styles of electronic music represented, the label explores a wide range of genres, from techno to house, trance to dubstep. This diversity allows the label to reach a broad and varied audience while staying true to its musical identity

DMC Mystic is an official international label that provides superior quality electronic music to individuals and businesses. Our team consists of talented producers, musicians, and arrangers with extensive experience in creating and arranging original music. We take pride in our work and offer over 1,500 unique tracks, all signed DMC Mystic.

Our label has gained popularity for its exceptional sound quality and wide range of electronic music, including techno, trance, house, and more. At DMC Mystic, we understand that the music industry is highly competitive, and our goal is to stand out by consistently producing high-quality tracks. We work hard to stay abreast of emerging trends and the latest technologies so that we can offer the best possible music to our clients1.

Our mission is to provide a platform for artists and help them share their music with the world. We believe in collaboration, and our process involves working closely with our artists to ensure that their unique vision is realized in every track we produce.

We recognize that each artist has a unique style, and we strive to capture their sound and present it in the best possible way.

Our team also understands the importance of deadlines and works efficiently to ensure that each track is delivered on time and within budget.

At DMC Mystic, we promise to deliver superior quality, unique, diverse, and enjoyable music for listeners around the globe.

Our music is available for download on all major music platforms, and we value all feedback or comments from our listeners.

Please feel free to explore more about our label and our offerings through the provided links.

The music is available in vocal, muted, or native modes, according to the listener’s preferences. DMC Mystic label is distributed internationally and caters to all audiences, from 7 to 77 years old. Whether for personal or commercial consumption, for radio, shows, nightclubs, or DJs, DMC Mystic label creates music designed for DJ use. You can listen to the complete discography of the label on digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, or Spotify, as well as on the official website of the label.

There, you will find 1500 original tracks presented in 74 thematic albums to collect. The DMC Mystic label touches on numerous musical trends, but also cultural and civilizational ones. Various languages are used for the sung music.

DMC Mystic label invites you to discover its innovative and varied sound universe. You can also find our music categorized by genre on our website, our video platform, and our E-showcase.

Moreover, the languages sung are English, Spanish, and French. A YouTube video is presented to you to briefly see the listing of these famous 1500 tracks. Not officially counted are over 100 pieces that are either third-party covers or White labels.

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Dmc Mystic, a label synonymous with elegance and grandeur, is celebrated for its musical creations that transport listeners to a realm of their own. Their Piano bar collection invites one to delve into an intimate and cozy atmosphere, where each note played on the piano seems to tell a story, evoke a memory, or stir an emotion.

In parallel, Dmc Mystic also excels in the production of epic music, a genre that, with its power and scale, inspires and exhilarates. These compositions, often used in movie soundtracks or significant events, are characterized by grand arrangements and melodies that resonate with intensity.

With its mastery of the keyboard and a flair for the epic, Dmc Mystic crafts pieces that are not just heard, but truly felt. Each piece is a work of art, carefully shaped to provide an unforgettable auditory experience.

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