Music styles

“The label DMC Mystic presents an impressive discography, categorized by music styles and titled Music Style, all music signed by the talented DJ Mdcm. This musical catalog is the result of studio creation using Fast Tracker and other compatible equipment, offering a remarkable sound diversity. Enriched with music under Ableton licenses, as well as under the licenses and general terms of use of Ejay, Remix Live, and Groovepad, this file is a true celebration of electronic music.

With over 90 different styles, the DMC Mystic repertoire spans a wide range of sub-genres, from epic to rock, through metal. Here is an overview of the musical themes explored by the label:

Each style is a unique exploration and interpretation of electronic music, offering a rich and varied auditory experience. The DMC Mystic label stands out for its ability to merge different genres to create innovative and captivating sounds.”

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