Labo 33 – Service

Our Labo 33 service offers you to edit 33 rpm single discs based on your own musical selection from our label

  • Select a cover image of your choice for the 33 rpm record template
  • Select 16 tracks (2×30 minutes) for your 33 rpm record
  • Select different packaging for your 33 rpm record, plastic sleeve, high-end cardboard sleeve or boxes
  • Choose your 33 rpm disc, single black disc, transparent disc, single color disc, disc with image template
  • Choose your badge for your 33 rpm record
  • Choose the thickness of your 33 rpm disc
  • This type of service and offer is only on estimate and reservation of services subject to commercial conditions

Badges sample

Gallery of transparent disc with specific badge exemple

Galery color native disk 33 RPM

Galery with sample Disk 33 RPM and template colorfull

Boxe – high-end cardboard sleeve exemple

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