DmcMystic, a label synonymous with innovation and creativity in the electronic music world, has established itself as an undeniable force on the international stage. With over 1,200 original tracks created and arranged, DmcMystic offers an extensive range of musical styles, from techno trance to groove and DnB, capturing the essence of the diversity and richness of electronic music.

Innovation at the Heart of Creation

Each music video released by the label is a window into a universe where music is not just a collection of notes, but a true immersive experience. Tracks like “Cosmic Pulse (Dreams DnB mix)” and “Near dark (80’s horror movie track mix)” exemplify this approach, where each track is designed to transport the listener to another dimension.

A Strong Digital Presence

DmcMystic’s online presence is as dynamic as their music. Their official YouTube channel is a veritable catalog of creations, where fans can not only listen but also visualize the music through captivating music videos. The label’s official website, along with other platforms like Dailymotion, provides easy access to their complete discography, allowing listeners to dive into a world where music reigns supreme.

An Engaged Community

DmcMystic does more than produce music; they create a community. With interactions across various social media platforms, the label maintains a close connection with its fans, keeping them informed of the latest releases and upcoming projects. This closeness with the audience is a cornerstone of their success, reinforcing the sense of belonging to a musical movement that transcends borders.


In summary, DmcMystic is not just a music label; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has adapted to the digital age while staying true to the art of electronic music. Their music video section is a living testament to their passion for music and their commitment to their audience. With a clear vision and unwavering determination, DmcMystic continues to carve its path in the music industry, one music video at a time.

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