3rd generation infrabass -Technology


Sound testing

This type of technology is active for some of the musical creations of the DMC Mystic label.

here are 2 examples in video, including an example with a sound spectometer, to reassure you about the curves and sound analysis of our music on its infrabass aspects

Project Infrabass system

We are pleased to present a prototype of a 3rd generation infrabass system

This technology is the result of long research on the physics of sound, and new technologies for sound reproduction.

This prototype proposed in images is available in 2 places around the world, in England and in the United States of America …

In a few technical words this infrabass system covers a range and wave range from 16 HZ to 200 hz for an audio power of 20,000 KW, 32 homs, RMS DIN for a ratio of 117 db meters / second

This technology is focused on 360 degree sound distribution

This technology is based on IT management by channels available on the whole.

We mark an evolution on the use of new technologies on the low frequency transmitters linked to the prototype

This prototype is an open subwoofer, a system installed at the bottom floor of a building, generally a cellar with thick brick walls.

This prototype is created for the use of cinemas, large discos, or special sound systems

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